Here are your favorite 5 Barbies, she goes to the Finale Miss Barbie Universe 2019.

Miss Brazil, Miss French Polynesia, Miss United States, Miss South Africa, Miss Papua New Guinea.

The election is held in Mexico City (MEX).
They are 16 candidates :

Miss Malta, Miss Brazil, Miss United States, Miss Denmark, Miss French Polynesia, Miss Mexico, Miss Romania, Miss South Africa, Miss Cambodia, Miss Hungary, Miss Bahrain, Miss Cape Verde, Miss North Korea, Miss Chile, Miss Afghanistan, Miss Papua New Guinea.
1/2 Finalistes Miss Barbie Universe 2019
Miss Barbie Ana Clara
VOTE : 35
Miss Barbie Mareva
VOTE : 32VOTE : 31
VOTE : 30VOTE : 30
Miss Barbie EmmaMiss Barbie Agatha
VOTE : 29VOTE : 26
Miss Barbie ValentinaMiss Barbie Vika
VOTE : 26VOTE : 24
Miss Barbie XimenaMiss Barbie Ilca
VOTE : 24VOTE : 23
Miss Barbie HadeelMiss Barbie Mihaela
VOTE : 19VOTE : 19
Miss Barbie SolynaMiss Barbie Blanca
VOTE : 11VOTE : 10
Miss Barbie Jeong
VOTE : 6