to my collection of Barbie and Ken dolls around the world.

Discover my dolls Barbie Basics, Barbie BMR1959, Barbie Holiday, Barbie Fashionistas, Barbie Signature, Barbie Platinum Label, Barbie Gold Label, Barbie Black Label, and many other collections.

Ken & Barbie dolls with blonde hair , brunette, ginger and even other colors.

They have Kinky, frizzy, wavy, straight, short or long hair with different skin tones, eye colors or face molds.

926 Barbie & 62 Ken that will make you discover all the regions and all the countries of the world on the 5 continents.
For the pleasure of the eyes of children and collectors.

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The BSL Magazine is out, 14 editions are available, Ken also has his own space in the menu Ken in the World, find out quickly.

I assigned for each Barbie doll and for each Ken doll a country or a region of the world. You will be able to filter by type of hair, skin tone etc… in the Barbie in the World menu.

Visit my entire collection, each doll has its Mattel product reference, its characteristics, the mold of its face. Some Barbie dolls have been transformed (ooak) or hair rerooted, they all have a “Muse” body.

Come play by voting for your favorite Barbies in the Events section.

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