Barbie Basics

One of the most famous Barbie collections designated by Bill Greening between 2009 and 2011. There are 6 collections of Barbie Basics.

From their name, the dolls are dressed in “basic” clothing that women usually have in their closets. The debut collection featured the best-known fashion staple: the little black dress

The dolls have the “Model Muse” body sculpt (which is thinner than most Barbie bodies and has impressive details including neck and collarbone sculpting).

Barbie Basics Collection 001

Basics – Collection 001

A collection of Barbie Basics with the famous little black dress. It was designed in 2009 by Bill Greening and features 12 Barbies.

Barbie Basics Collection 001.5

Basics – Collection 001.5

A collection derived from Collection 001, The 4 Barbies in this collection (2 are in my collection – model n°6 and n°13) wear a little black dress with a touch of pink, released in 2010 by Bill Greening.

Barbie Basics Collection 002

Basics – Collection 002

A collection of Barbie Basics (9) and Ken Basics (3) designed in 2011 by Bill Greening, they are all in t-shirts and jeans.

Barbie Basics Collection 002.5

Basics – Collection 002.5

From the 002 collection, the 3 Barbie Basics (2 are in my collection _ model n ° 4 and n ° 14) wear jeans with a shiny top for a chic evening. This collection was released in 2011 and still designated by Bill Greening.

Barbie Basics Collection 003

Basics – Collection 003

A swimsuit collection, these 6 Barbie Basics go to the beach with their bag and their outfit to enjoy the sun. Bill Greening designated this collection in 2011.

Barbie Basics Collection Red

Basics – Collection Red

A collection in red dress or top, in 2010, 3 models came out in red dress and 3 others in red top and white jeans came out in 2011, these 2 collections of Barbie Basics were designed by Bill Greening. (I miss model 3 (red top and white jeans) in my collection).

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