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Barbie YanaBarbie BMR1959
The BMR1959 collection celebrates Barbie’s fashion heritage and shows how current trends are influencing the brand. These daring dolls capture the diverse looks of today’s streetwear culture. From high-low fashion mixes, reimagined ’90s clothing to juxtaposed patterns, textures and silhouettes, this organized ensemble is all about personal expression and style.
Barbie Extra
Barbie ‘Extra’ dolls feature bold fashions and vibrant colors! Each Barbie doll has their own unique, playful and over the top style. And their pets, all different and all adorable, have tons of personality too! Barbie ‘Extra’ allows kids to explore self-expression through style and provides an exciting fashion and style play experience.
Barbie Tracy
Barbie KimyBarbie Inspiring Women
Barbie recognizes all female models. The Inspiring Women series pays homage to the incredible heroines of their time; brave women who took risks, changed the rules and paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger than ever. Barbie pays homage to (some examples) : Barbie Ella FitzgeraldBarbie Sally RideBarbie Billie Jean KingBarbie Frida Kahlo