Barbie – Face to Face (1/4 Final)

Here are the first competitors of this “Face to Face” competition. She will put in opposition 2 Barbie, Here the first duel will face Nelci, The Barbie Look – Chic & Metallic to Sandra, Barbie James Bond – Die Another Day. There will be a total of 16 Barbies competing. Each winner will face another winner of another duel and so on until finding the big winner. You have made 4 votes for the 4 duels below. Here are the winners of each duel.

Duel N°1

VOTE : 20VOTE : 47
Barbie NelciBarbie NelciBarbie NelciBarbie NelciBarbie SandraBarbie SandraBarbie SandraBarbie Sandra

Duel N°2

The second duel will face Tessa, Barbie Dolls of the World – Princess of the Incas to Dominika, Barbie Birthday Wishes 2004.

VOTE : 38VOTE : 28
Barbie TessaBarbie TessaBarbie TessaBarbie TessaBarbie DominikaBarbie DominikaBarbie DominikaBarbie Dominika

Duel N°3

The third duel will face Rachael, Barbie Star Trek – Lt. Uhura to Antonina, Barbie 75th Anniversary Brunette.

VOTE : 24VOTE : 39
Barbie RachaelBarbie RachaelBarbie RachaelBarbie RachaelBarbie AntoninaBarbie AntoninaBarbie AntoninaBarbie Antonina

Duel N°4

The fourth duel will face Saori, Barbie Lunar New Year to Dinara, Barbie ooak rerooted.

VOTE : 33VOTE : 32
Barbie SaoriBarbie SaoriBarbie SaoriBarbie SaoriBarbie DinaraBarbie DinaraBarbie DinaraBarbie Dinara