Barbie Holiday

Barbie ‘Holiday‘ is a collection designed to make a nice gift for the holiday season. She always wears a beautiful dress often red in recent years (2022-2020-2019-2018-2017). This collection begins in 1988 and since 2007, the body of this barbie changes, it becomes a body of ‘Muse‘. Bob Mackie, famous designer, dresses the Barbie Holiday in 2005 and 2006 in the ‘Special Occasion‘ collection. Each year, the “Barbie Holiday” collection consists of 3 different dolls. I have 3 types of ‘Holidays’ Barbie in my collection,’ Barbie Holiday Anniversary ‘,’ Barbie Holiday Special Occasion ‘and’ Barbie Holiday (Christmas).

Barbie Ana KarinaBarbie Holiday (Christmas)
It is the most famous of the ‘Holiday’ collections. Each year, 3 Barbies make up the series with a Blonde Barbie, a Brown Barbie and one with brown hair (Except 2022, 4 Barbies). Several designers have collaborated on these collections, including Bill Greening, Linda Kyaw, Carlyle Nuera and Caroline DeMersseman. All my Barbies in this collection have a ‘Muse‘ body

Barbie Holiday Anniversary
This collection comes out at the time of the end of year celebrations but proposes to celebrate a special event for the Barbie doll such as the 50th anniversary of her birth or the 20th and 25th anniversary of the creation of the ‘Holiday’ collection. Different designers have participated on these Barbies like Judy Choi or Sharon Zuckerman. All my Barbies in this collection have a ‘Muse‘ body
Barbie Agnese

Barbie Holiday Celebration 2000Barbie Holiday Special Occasion
These dolls created especially to celebrate the transition to a new year, in particular to celebrate the year 2000 or to inaugurate the entry into a new century (2001). Bob Mackie, famous Barbie designer collaborated with Mattel in 2005 and 2006. I modified the body of these Barbies with a body of ‘Muse