Barbie attributes

Barbie is a 29cm doll marketed since 1959 by Mattel, an American toys and games company. She took on the adult form, blond hair and the principle of Bild Lilli, the first mannequin doll launched in Germany a little earlier.

While the characteristic Barbie is blonde with long hair and European features, her hair color actually varies considerably and her ethnic type diversified as early as 1967 and more systematically from 1980, so that to this day there is a Barbie for just about every ethnicity in the world

Here are different attributes of the Barbie doll that can better identify a Barbie, hair color, eye color, skin color and face mold.

Barbie Hair Color

Barbie Skin Tone

Barbie Eye Color

Barbie Couleur Yeux FR

Barbie Face Molds / Face Sculpt

Moule de Visage Barbie